b'itself for successful manufacturingTo fit within the guide tube thimble of SiGA test specimens and relatedplug assembly, SiGA samples need design and modeling work requiredto be manufactured at a smaller for reactor insertion. This includeddiameter than current ATF claddingcompleting an initial test plan forspecifications. GA-EMS has irradiation detailing the irradiationdemonstrated the manufacturing objectives, requirements, conceptualof two batches of reduced diameter SiC sample design, and post irra- SiC samples that exceed expected diation planning. The plan aims toinsertion requirements and are capture the details needed to realizerepresentative to the larger diameter the follow-on goal of obtainingaccident tolerant fuel cladding in post irradiation data that will driveterms of braid geometry, strength, SiGA development. SiC samplesand leak tightness. Samples easily will be unfueled, to avoid the needmet the leak tightness requirement for a license amendment request, andof 1e-7 atm*cc/s and strength were selected to investigate corrosion,testing shows ultimate tensile joint and cladding strength withstrengths within 10% of ATF clad-irradiation, and bowing. A modifiedding values. GA-EMS is confidentFigure 1. Comparison of smaller guide tube thimble plug assemblythat the smaller diameter samplesdiameter and standard ATF diameter was chosen as the vehicle to housewill provide representative data toSiGA claddingand insert the SiC samples into thesupport commercialization of the core to minimize the impact onlarger diameter design. reactor operations and facilitateSI has begun modifications on licensing through the 10 CFRtheir PEGASUS finite element fuel 50.59 process. Westinghouse hasperformance code to model the providing initial scoping on thesilicon carbide samples during the thimble plug assembly irradiationirradiation. Silicon carbide properties concept and predicts that the fithave been implemented into the form and function of the guide code and code validation through tube thimble plug assembly will test case comparison has begun. not change with the addition of The modeling will support perfor-the silicon carbide samples. Themance analysis of the SiC samples project has secured approval fromperformed by GA-EMS.Constellation for irradiation of the silicon carbide material in Byron Unit 1 targeting the October 2024 refueling outage.2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 119'