b'1.2 FROM THE DIRECTORI ts a great pleasure to open theoff-normal transient scenarios, and 2022 Advanced Fuels Campaignstorage/disposal. This approach (AFC) Accomplishments Report.includes advancing the theoretical While a report of this type is, byunderstanding of fuel behavior, necessity, unable to comprehensivelyconducting fundamental and integral capture all the accomplishmentsexperiments, and supporting the made by this long standing, nation- mechanistic, multi-scale modeling ally relevant research and develop- of nuclear fuels to inform and ment (R&D) program, it is my hopeguide fuel development projects, that it reflects the quality and talentadvance the technological readiness of the remarkable people that staff itof promising fuel candidates, and and the world class scientific facili- ultimately support fuel qualification ties they wield. Even in the face ofand licensing initiatives.a pandemic that curtailed many of Daniel Wachsour personal and collective routinesThis methodology is built on a National Technical Directorfor the two years prior and much offoundation of analytical experiments (208) 526-6393FY22, impactful research continuedthat merge advanced modeling and daniel.wachs@inl.gov and the summaries that follow in thissimulation with modern data-rich report provide clear evidence. experimental methods to investigate the dominant physical phenomena The mission of the AFC is toassociated with a given fuel system perform or support research,as necessary to drive its development development, and demonstrationto completion. AFC researchers activities that identify and matureutilize and evolve the nations most innovative fuels, cladding materials,important nuclear materials research and associated technologies withcapabilities, a comprehensive nuclear the potential to improve the perfor- fuels testbed that spans multiple mance and enhance the safety ofnational laboratories, to serve this current and future reactors; increasemission. These capabilities range the efficient utilization of nuclearfrom the worlds premier nuclear energy resources; contribute tomaterials test reactors - Advanced enhancing proliferation resistanceTest Reactor (ATR), High Flux Isotope of the nuclear fuel cycle; and addressReactor (HFIR), and Transient Reactor challenges related to waste manage- Test Facility (TREAT) to state-of-the-ment and ultimate disposal. art materials science instruments and AFC pursues its mission objectivesmanufacturing technologies. AFC using a goal-oriented, science-basedworks in close partnership with the approach that seeks to establishNuclear Energy Advanced Modeling a fundamental understanding ofand Simulation (NEAMS) program fuel and cladding behaviors underto implement advanced tools for conditions that arise during fabrica- modeling and simulation by collabo-tion, normal steady-state irradiation,rating on development of mechanistic fuel behavior models and conducting 12 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'