b'MD Molecular DynamicsMFC .Materials and Fuels ComplexMIT Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMITR Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reactor MOX Mixed OxideMOXTOP Mixed Oxide Transient OverPowerMSCP .Mechanisms-based Single Crystal PlasticityMSM .Master Slave ManipulatorMTR Material Test RodNCS Nitrogen Cold SprayNCSU North Carolina State University NE Nuclear EnergyNEA . Nuclear Energy AgencyNEAMS Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and SimulationNEFT Northeast Flux Trap NEI Nuclear Energy InstituteNEUP Nuclear Energy University ProjectnRAD .Neutron Radiography NRC Nuclear Regulatory CommissionODS Oxide Dispersion StrengthenedOECD .Organisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentOFHC . Oxygen-free High Thermal ConductivityORNL .Oak Ridge National LaboratoryOSU Oregon State UniversityPEEQ Equivalent PlasticPGS.Precision Gamma Spectroscopy PI . Principal InvestigatorPID .Proportional-Integral-DerivativePIE.Post-irradiation Examination2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 185'