b'Figure 4. TEM view of cross section of the best performing PVD combinatorial alloy coating with a composition of Zr(30%)Cr(50%)Ti(20%) as-receivedon each coating to various resultsgaining mass through the 7-day however generalized trends startedexperiment. The best coating which to appear with each coating. SEM,was investigated was a combinatorial EDS, XPS, TEM, and nanoindentationPVD coating produced by EMPA with performed by UCB and NCSU werea composition of Zr(30%)Cr(50%)employed to further investigate theTi(20%) which showed positive interfaces of the coatings before andmechanical properties, no delamina-after testing. As a result of this study,tion or cracking, and mass gain. In major conclusions were found abouttotal, a comprehensive look on a the performance of each coatingvariety of metallic coatings on SiC system. We found that the CVDsubstrates has been gained through coatings didnt perform well in thethe project as well as promising corrosion environment with massresults for future investigation.losses being reported for all samples through a 2-week experiment primarily through delamination and spallation. However, the PVD samples show promising results with 5 different coating systems 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 55'