b'Figure 2. I-loop system equipmentThe I-Loop project is large in scopepreliminary design phase. A layout in 1A primary andwhich requires many sub-teamsfinite element analysis was secondary cubicleworking on discrete tasks. The mainperformed to identify the high project areas are as follows: stress areas. Those areas were (1) I-Loop Tube, (2) I-Loop System,modified to add additional and (3) Transfer Shield Plate. thickness and supports through 1.The I-Loop Tube serves as theiterative changes. The design primary component withinnow passes an ASME Boiler and the ATR vessel (I-Loop FigurePressure Vessel Code Section III 1). Its purpose is to containdesign criteria. Additionally, the the experiment in a separateteam has been in contact with environment at prototypic LWRvendors/fabricators to determine fluid conditions. This includesoptional features to ensure a the ability to perform two-phasesuccessful fabrication.flow similar to a boiling water2.The I-Loop System is all the reactor (BWR). The I-Loop Tubeequipment outside of the reactor has completed the conceptualvessel, e.g., pumps, heat exchang-design and moved to the ers, valves, and piping (I-Loop 146 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'