b'system uses a large weld chamberirradiated fuel pin, a duplicate ofFigure 1. Successful circumferential with a moveable Tungsten Inert Gasthe remote circumferential weldwelds joining non-fueled zirconium welding tip to allows for welding atsystem was fabricated and installedcladding tubes using the Halden welding module. In the left image, a nearly any location within the weldinto the Advanced Fuel Fabricationsystem leak allowed oxygen into the chamber. INL received these systemsFacility at INLs Materials and Fuelschamber resulting in the discoloration. and completed set up and initialComplex (MFC). In the right image, the weld was made functional testing during FY2022.after correction of the leak, and A preliminary engineering evaluationsuccessful purge of oxygenInitial experiential trials with thesewas conducted to establish functions, systems were performed using surro- requirements, and limitations for gate materials as they are currentlysafety and facility infrastructure installed in a non-radiologicalfor installation of a Halden type laboratory. These trials are providingcyrogenic drilling system into a a firm basis for comparison togeneric hotcell environment. This developing an advanced drilling andwas conducted to help establish welding system for use in a hot celldesign inputs, and preliminary cost at INL. Figure 1 shows successfulestimates for future use and decision welding trials performed using themaking. The evaluation proved quite Halden welding module. useful in establishing requirements To support further development offor the system to minimize potential welding parameters and fixturesimpacts to hotcell facility safety necessary for advanced refabricationbasis. For example, it was established and instrumentation includingthat cryogenic liquids would be deliv-welding thermocouples to theered through a feed through rather cladding surface of a previouslythan via bottles transferred into the 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 149'