b'Commission (NRC) continue toa topical report for HBU licensing be constant and productive. Inand will address the issues raised in December 2021 Global NuclearNRC RIL-2021-13 as well as hydrogen Fuels (GNF) submitted three topicalfor higher burnup.reports to the NRC that are needed6.6 (by Rich Augi and David for low enriched uranium (LEU)+Barrientos) GE has had extensive implementation, including updatepositive interaction with the utilities, to Lattice Neutronic Characteristicsmainly Southern Company and Evaluation & Research code (LANCR)Constellation, which have been fully for LEU+, update to LANCR Model,supportive on GEs current direction. and LANCR/PANAC (GE 3D coreThe collaborative approach working simulator code) Implementationwith these two companies is on the topical reports. Submitted Specialcurrent LTAs (Clinton + Hatch), and Nuclear Materials (SNM)-1097the HBU Lead Use Assembly (LUAs; License Amendment to the NRC toLimerick) to make sure GE can enable the GNF-A fuel fabricationobtain as much valuable information facility to handle LEU+. Pre-submittalas possible. The utilities have also meeting with the NRC in July of 2022contributed to conversations with for the downstream implementationDOE, as we continue progressing LTR for LANCR with plans to submitthrough the funding reduction and later in 2022. GNF fresh fuel transportproduct trajectory. Deployment container RAJ-II pre-submittalfor ARMOR and LEU+/HBU will meeting completed and planning tobe closer to the end of the decade. submit by the end of September 2022.IronClad has an estimated deploy-GNF updated the NRC in Augustment date closer to mid-2030s. GE 2022 with the overall LEU+/highcontinues working with our utility burnup (HBU) licensing plan andpartners and national labs getting as program trajectory, and GNF partici- much information from LTAs and pated in the NRC HBU workshop inadvancing our methods to support August 2022. the data thats needed for all the 6.5 (by Tyler Schweitzer) GNFlicensing topical reports to ultimately continues to progress on updatingdeploy each technology.methodologies to enable LEU+ and HBU. After the initial submittal of the LANCR topical reports, GNF began working on implementing LANCR into the downstream methods. GNF is working to prepare 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 117'