b'3 ADVANCED REACTOR FUELSThermal Conductivity of Irradiated Binary Metallic Fuels .122AFC-FAST Irradiation and Initial PIE .126Initial Fast Reactor Fuel Transient Irradiations:In-Pile Data and Initial Findings 130AR Computational Analysis 134Results of a Trade Study on Design and FabricationCandidates for Sodium Free Metallic Fuel .1364 CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENTIn-reactor LOCA Testing Capability .142Summary of I-Loop Status and Accomplishments .144Refabrication of fuel rods for follow-on testing .148Final design of the LOCA test commissioning series in TREAT 152Remote Handling and Assembly of the THOR Capsulefor Transient Testing Irradiated Fast Reactor Fuels 156A Strategy for Establishing a Fast Reactor Testbedwithout a Domestic Fast Spectrum Test Reactor .1605 APPENDIX 1645.1Publications .5.2FY-22 Level 2 Milestones 1725.3AFC Nuclear Energy University Projects (NEUP) Grants .1745.4Acronyms .1805.5Divider Photo Captions .1902022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 7'