b'3.2 AR IRRADIATION TESTING AND PIE TECHNIQUESAFC-FAST Irradiation and Initial PIEPrincipal Investigator: Boone BeausoleilTeam Members/ Collaborators: Luca Capriotti, Kyle Paaren, and Byron Curnuttas-run power history neutronic analysis and thermal analysis using COMSOL multi-physics software. Supporting performance modelling was performed using the BISON fuel performance codes as a comparison to the historical Experimental Breeder Reactor (EBR)-II experiments. These results will be used in support of and to guide further destructive PIE efforts in the coming fiscal year.Project Description:The objectives of the FAST experiment are, at a basic level, to improve the timeline of advanced fuel research and development (R&D) efforts and to support accelerated qualification methodologies. The project lends itself to support high throughput, rapid prototyping of fuel designs Figure 1. Local temperature gradientsT he Advanced Fuels Campaignto be able to provide qualitative for the FAST-007 rodlet. (a) shows the(AFC) Fission Acceleratedcomparisons to the performance of temperature gradient analyzed in theSteady-state Testing (FAST)standard fuel designs. The ability axial direction (dT/dh) and (b) showsto produce high burnup fuel pins the temperature gradient in theexperiments underwent the initialof both a control and novel fuel radial direction (dT/dr). (c) shows thepost irradiation examination (PIE) and combined magnitude of gradients.fuel performance analysis using thedesign within the same capsule and These gradients were similarlyBISON code. Examination performedirradiation conditions is critical to assessed for all four rodlets and thisthe development of next generation is qualitatively representative of allincluded the standard suite of non- reactors. Novel fuel designs can then four rodlets destructive examinations including visual examination, neutronbe paired against controls in post-radiography (nRAD), and precisionirradiation furnace tests or transient gamma spectroscopy (PGS). Analysistesting in Transient Reactor Test of the fuels included performingFacility (TREAT). This allows rapid qualitative comparisons of 126 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'