b'Sensitive Parameters?Con\x1fg. #1 Con\x1fg. #2Ring diameter xx xGauge length xx xMandrel size xx Figure 3. (left) Parameters which Dogbone size xx demonstrated a significant impact on strength measurements are shown Dogbone angle xx above; two red Xs signify more severe sensitivity. At bottom, the change on Rotation xx x measured strength values for the ring Eccentricity xx x inner diameter parameter, reported as a change in the gap between the ring Ovality xx and fixturing mandrelFriction xx Figure 4. (above) Plot of engineering stress vs engineering strain for the raw data of both configurations, and Change in% Change in YS with the correction to Configuration Ring-Mandrel Gap #2 using the developed mathematical Con\x1fg. #1 Con\x1fg. #2 model for hoop tension load. The true behavior of the modeled material is shown by the black curve0.14x -4.1%0.25x -11.1% -2.5%0.50x -12.0% -2.3%0.75x -8.6% -1.1%1.5x +6.3% +0.6%2.0x +10.8% +1.2%2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 81'