b'process required input from allthe height of COVID complications, three groups so that the experimentstaffing issues and supply chainThe THOR Capsule objectives, PIE objectives, andshortages. These complicationsremote handling handling could all be accomplishedwere expertly handled by Derekequipment has made simultaneously. The initial devel- Sommer, MFCs machine shopit possible for pre-opment of the process resulted insupervisor. The project still beingirradiated transient PLN-6325, a plan document. Thison schedule is direct evidence oftest capsule assembly, document served as a convenienthis leadership and the craftsman- and disassembly PIE, place to collect important assemblyship of the MFC machinists. Theleading the way to information. It was written to becompleted equipment then startedfurther capsule handling a living document that would beits equipment qualification processcapabilities in HFEF to revised as the assembly process(EQP) in MFCs mock-up area. Manysupport advanced fuels changed and progressed. This docu- important changes and additionsdevelopment.ment also served as a foundationresulted from mock-up testing with for HFEF-LI-0214, the actual workthe operators. Some equipment was control document for preformingfound unnecessary, an additional the assembly. Progressing from this,stand was developed, and a variety equipment was identified, and theof supplementary hand tools were engineering process could be initi- procured and modified for use with ated. Functional and Operationalmaster slave manipulators (MSMs) Requirements (FOR)-662, was thento further aid the operators. All the written to formally document all thedeveloped equipment was success-engineering requirements needed.fully demonstrated and functioned This document is the primary docu- as intended, during Phase I. Currently ment used in the design process andthe mechanical portion of Phase all of the engineering process buildsI and II of the EQP have been on this, so it was a major pillar tocompleted and just the electrical/put in place. With these foundationalinstrumentation and controls (I&C) documents in place, design andportion remains. By completing development of the equipmentPhase II, all the equipment not only could begin. Preliminary designsfunctioned as intended, but each were reviewed on 11/17/2021, threestep of the THOR assembly was months ahead of schedule andaccomplished with the equipment just four months after completionremotely. This shows that in theory of the process plan (PLN-6325),assembly of the THOR capsule in completing a M2 milestone dueHFEF can be accomplished with the to the direct efforts of the nuclearcurrent equipment. The final phaseFigure 2. THOR capsule top cap torque remote systems design group.(Phase III) of the EQP (actual in-multiplier used to seal the capsule at Drafting then commenced with thecell practice) and closeout of the120ft-lbfmechanical drafting done solely byengineering process is all that remains Cory Conway from MFCs draftingbefore all the needed equipment can department with collectively overbe implemented in-cell and the first 50 drawings. Fabrication followedTHOR-M capsule can be assembled.with a huge effort from MFCs machine shop. Fabrication started in 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 157'