2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 86 length and in the hoop direction. The expected project outcome is the production of ODS FeCrAl cladding with great mechanical, oxidation and irradiation resistance providing enhanced safety margin compared to Zr-based and wrought FeCrAl cladding for the current and next generation reactors. Accomplishments: A new ODS FeCrAlYZr “CrAZY” tube, 1.68 m long, was fabricated by pilgering in collaboration with a Japanese tube manufacturer. After each pilgering step, microstructure characterization and hardness measurements were conducted on annealed pieces of tube to select the optimum heat treatments.The resulting tube showed excellent dimension tolerances, 500um +/- 4um for the wall thickness, and 8.47mm +/-0.01mm for the outside diameter.The extreme compressive stress during pilgering led to the formation of fine grains and sub-grains elongated along the pilgering direction, the latter being ~200-300nm in width and several micrometers in length., Atom probe tomography (APT) also revealed the presence of many (Y,Al,O)-rich precipitates in some areas, less than 5nm in size, but fewer precipitates were observed in other areas.This inhomogeneity is likely due to the high extrusion temperature required to decrease the master alloy hardness, 1100ºC, leading to the coarsening of some nano precipitates but may also be partly due to particle dissolution during the tube pilgering process. Figure3: a) Atom probe tomography (APT) LEAP 4000X, b) 3 APT maps showing local variations of nano precipitate density due to the 1100ºC extrusion temperature.