2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 184 4.2 FY-17 LEVEL 2 MILESTONES Work Package Title Site Work Package Manager Level 2 Milestone AFC Campaign Management - INL INL Beverly, Ed Provide Draft Update of the ATF Roadmap to Congress including input from ATF IndustryTeams ATF-1 IrradiationTesting in ATR - INL INL Core, Greg Issue a report documenting the development of the NDMAS ATF-2 Database and verification of data quality ATF-2 ATR Loop Irradiation - INL INL Hoggard, Gary Assemble ATF-2 and ensure quality inspected test train is ready for transfer to ATR for insertion ATFTransient IrradiationTesting - INL Dempsey, Doug Report on results of the initialTREATTransient PrescriptionTesting and Analysis Static Capsule Irradiation Device Prototype - INL INL Pavey,Todd Complete design and build experiment support equipment to support instrumentation and controls for each experiment Qualify BaselineTREAT Experiment Instrumentation - INL INL Pavey,Todd Issue a summary technical report for instrumentation research, development, and demonstration for the transient testing ATF PIE - INL INL Harp, Jason Issue a report documenting ATF PIE results Static Capsule Irradiation Device Prototype - INL INL Pavey,Todd Issue a summary technical report for conceptual design of MARCH-SERTTA ATFTransient IrradiationTesting - INL INL Dempsey, Doug Complete ATF-SETH testing inTREAT Fuel Characterizations - INL INL Papesch, Cynthia Issue update of Metallic Fuels Handbook Advanced Fabrication Development - INL INL Fielding, Randy Demonstrate fabrication of annular U-Zr fuel by extrusion Feedstock Preparation/Purification - INL INL Squires, Leah Issue report on status of Am and Np purification processes and future directions PIE and Analyses - INL INL Harp, Jason Issue PIE Report on AFC-3C,AFC-3D, and AFC-4A Fuel Modeling Support - INL INL Medvedev, Pavel Issue status report on BISON development and applications for transmutation fuels Advanced Instrument Development and BRR - INL INL Hurley, Dave Closeout Phase II Qualification of theThermal Conductivity Microscope for IMCL Advanced Ceramic Fuel Performance and Qualification -LANL LANL McClellan, Ken Fabricate ceramic minifuel samples and ensure they are ready to ship from LANL to HFIR for irradiation