2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 27 States of America and may be regis- tered in other countries throughout the world.All rights reserved. Unau- thorized use is strictly prohibited. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Project Description: The technical objectives of this program are: • Fabrication of representative test fuel rodlets consisting of SiC and Cr coated zirconium cladding with U3Si2 and ADOPT fuel and lead test rods consisting of Cr coated zirconium cladding with ADOPT and UO2 fuel for testing and data generation • Development of an ATF LTR/LTA project plan • Generation of test data and modeling supporting test and commercial reactor feasibility • Determine the expected behavior of the ATF options in loss of coolant accident (LOCA)/station blackout scenarios • Evaluate the design basis and beyond design basis accident performance, expected plant licensing impacts and resultant economic savings for commercial plants • Determine the feasibility of licensing a commercially feasible ATF Meeting these objectives will move the nuclear industry closer to a nuclear fuel with enhanced tolerance Figure 2. Manufacturing Cr Coated Zr Alloy Rods for Byron-2 Lead Test Rod.