2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 74 included from detailed lattice physics calculations.A power profile for each rod was generated to account for the radial power variation in the assembly. To ensure the accuracy of the models, comparisons were made to available literature data on two-phase flow and boiling in BWRs.The Serpent and CTF models were compared with void fraction results as a function of flow quality provided literature data, and good agreement was obtained between the modeling predications and the experimental results.Additionally, the Serpent and CTF coolant density predictions were compared with predictions fromTRACE/PARCS provided by the literature and reasonable agreement was obtained. As shown in Figure 1, a modest temperature variation exists around the perimeter of the channel box, with a maximum temperature on walls 2 and 3, while the minimum temperature Figure 2. Displacement (meters) of the channel box along the x-direction (perpendicular to wall) after 11 days, one month, two months and four months (from left to right). Displacement is exaggerated for visualization purpose. The total displacement is shown in Figure 3.