2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 37 Figure 2. Comparison of MELCOR and TRACE prediction of peak cladding temperature during a station blackout scenario for a PWR benchmark problem with Zirc-4 and FeCrAl claddings. 2018 Highlights The experimental work at MIT focused on testing chromium (Cr) coated samples supplied by outside contractors to investigate its performance.While the coating showed its ability to protect against diffusion of oxygen in steam environment, new failure modes were characterized through our test campaign specific to cold spray Cr.These included rod bowing at prolonged exposures to high temperature steam due to formation of a very thin oxide layer and accelerated crack propagation at presence of stress compared to Zr-4. Furthermore, quench heat transfer of Zr-4, Cr, FeCrAl and Mo was measured under as fabricated, oxidized and gamma irradiated conditions.The underlying mechanism behind impact of gamma irradiation in enhancement of quench heat transfer was also studied.TAMU has started ion irradiation of MIT Cr-coated samples to study Cr structural stability and mechanical performance of coating after and before irradiation. UW-Madison completed sample production this year.