2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 185 Work Package Title Site Work Package Manager Level 2 Milestone Advanced Ceramic Fuel Development - LANL LANL McClellan, Ken Issue a report on the determination of the feasibility to ‘waterproof’ UN for LWR use High Dose MaterialsTesting for FR -LANL LANL Saleh,Tarik PerformTesting and Issue report on tensile proper- ties of high dose irradiated AR cladding materials IrradiationTesting of Advanced Fuels and Cladding Materials - ORNL ORNL Terrani, Kurt Initiate miniature fuel irradiation in support of separate effects testing ATF cladding tests under Design Basis Accidents - ORNL ORNL Linton, Kory Issue report on In-Cell Re-fabrication of Irradiated rods and LOCATesting ATF SiC Cladding and Core Compo- nent Development ORNL Katoh,Yutai Issue Update to LWR SiC/SiC Cladding Handbook of Properties ATF FeCrAl Cladding Development andTesting ORNL Yamamoto,Yuki Issue Update FeCrAl cladding handbook of properties Microstructure Analysis and Evolution in Ceramic Fuels (ORNL) ORNL Nelson,Andy Issue report on the development of a characteriza- tion methodology for separate effects testing of irradiated ceramic fuels