2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 68 2.3 ANALYSIS Initial Screening of Impacts on Reactor Performance and Safety Characteristics of Advanced Fuels for LWRs Principal Investigator: M.Todosow Collaborator: L-Y Cheng, A. Cuadra Figure 1. Multiplication Factor vs. Burnup (GWd/t) for UN Fuel Pellets with 20 ┬Ám Coatings. In the aftermath of Fukushima, a focus of the Department of Energy Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE)Advanced Fuels Campaign (AFC) has been the development of advanced nuclear fuel and cladding options with the potential for improved performance in an acci- dent; these are referred to asAccident Tolerant Fuels (ATF). An assessment of the impacts of advanced LightWater Reactor (LWR) fuels/cladding on reactor performance and safety charac- teristics is needed to identify potential issues associated with their viability/ desirability for potential implementation in commercial reactors. Project Description: The analysis effort provides support to identify promising advanced fuels/ATF candidates for further development.The project performs analytical assessment that includes neutronics analyses to evaluate the impact on performance parameters (e.g., cycle length/burnup, power distributions), safety-related characteristics (e.g., reactivity and