2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 127 Figure 1. Segmented billet and zirconium can components ready for assembly. A U-10Zr billet was cast and machined in the usual fashion. After machining the billet was cut into six segments.Three of the segments were cut using the lathe and mill which produced a non-oxidized surface with a surface finish of 16 - 32 µin, as determined by visual comparison with a standard.The remaining three segments were cut using electro- discharge machining, which leaves a darkened, or oxidized, rough surface finish. Figure 1 shows the segmented billet and zirconium can ready for assembly. Following assembly and seal welding, the billet assembly was heated to 800°C and extruded using a 6.05 mm die. Extrusion went well with no abnormalities noted in the process. After extrusion the extruded rod was sectioned for ease of handling during characterization. Radiography showed no internal voids or separation within the extruded product. Following radiography the billet was dimensionally characterized.Table 1 shows the overall length and diameter of the sections. Diameter measurements were taken at the approximate center of each section at two locations approximately 90° apart. Further microstructural characterization, in particular at the segment interfaces, will continue next year.