2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 36 Experimental Investigation and Simulation of Coated Cladding and Doped Fuel Collaborators: K. Shirvan (Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.), K. Sridharan (U of Wisconsin), L. Shao (Texas A&M University), M.Tonks (U of Florida) J. Reed (FRAMATOME), W. Liu (Structural Integrity), J. Hales (INL) Figure 1. From left to right: Cold spray cr coated rodlet (including endcap) before testing; suspended in quartz tube at 1200oC; after 30 min; after 90 min where a defect was present in the coating showing extensive crack propagation; after 90 min where no defect was present in the coating showing rod bowing. This integrated research project (IRP) focuses on experimental and modeling of time to failure for near term accident tolerant fuel (ATF) concepts.The IRP builds upon strong university capabilities at the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology (MIT) with its experience in fuel design, testing and safety analysis, the University of Wisconsin (UW) with its experience in severe accident modeling and development of clad- ding coatings for the ATF industrial campaign,Texas A&M University (TAMU) with its material ion irra- diation capability, and University of Florida (UF) with its meso-scale fuel performance modeling experience. Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is a member of the team as well, to allow for efficient implementation and integration of the models.The IRP also benefits from close collabora- tion with two industrial partners: Structural Integrity Engineering Firm with state-of-art experience in fuel modeling under accident conditions and FRAMATOME, one of the main nuclear fuel suppliers in the U.S.