2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 116 Figure 1. Lathe assembly used for removal of the oxide layers on the OD (Diamond File) and ID (Reamer). Ahigh burnup commercial spent fuel segment was re-fabricated into a pressurized test train for fuel safety testing in the Irradiated Fuels and Examination Laboratory (IFEL) hot cell facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The in-cell integral Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) test was performed in the Severe Accident Test Station (SATS) by subjecting the spent fuel segment to a steam environment, internal pressure, temperatures up to 1200ÂșC, and water quench. The successful in-cell re-fabrication and integral LOCA demonstration test restores a domestic capability for out-of-pile integral fuel safety testing. In addition, this work establishes the SATS system as a vital tool for evaluation of commercial spent fuel and future accident tolerant fuel (ATF) concepts subject to design basis accident (DBA) and beyond design basis accident (BDBA) scenarios. Building on the 2017 successful in-cell installation and demonstration of the Severe Accident Test Station, the two main objectives for this project included: (1) establishing a procedure for in-cell re-fabrication Re-fabrication of Irradiated Fuel Rods and LOCA Burst Testing Principal Investigator: Kory Linton Collaborators:YongYan, Zach Burns, Tyler Smith, Alicia Raftery, Kurt Terrani