2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 110 The ATF-2 experiment includes irradiation of accident tolerant fuel (ATF) concepts in prototypic pressurized water reactor (PWR) conditions within the AdvancedTest Reactor (ATR). One of the many aspects of this complex experiment is the fabrication, assembly, and qualification of irradiation test specimens, both fueled and non-fueled. Additionally, specimens fabricated externally require proper receipt and evaluation to verify all requirements are met both programmatically and for reactor safety purposes Supporting ATF Fuel Vendors: Fabrication of Rodlets Principal Investigator: Connor Woolum Collaborators: Brian Durtschi, Nate Oldham, Chris Murdock, Kyle Kofford, Kip Richards Figure 1. Laser welding of ATF-2 fuel rodlet. Project Description: Irradiation testing of ATF concepts in PWR conditions provides valuable information to fuel vendors to support future research endeavors and licensing efforts for the ATF concepts. The initial insertion of the ATF-2 test train occurred in June of 2018 and was comprised of a variety of novel fuel and/or cladding concepts from multiple industry partners.The test train is a 5-tiered modular design, each tier designed to hold up to 6 fuel rodlets. Each fuel rodlet is nominally 6” or 12” long and made of an experimental cladding and fuel or non-fuel internal components.