2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 39 Integrity.The results showed Cr is a promising concept, however, plastic deformations were predicted during normal operation that requires future experimental investigation.Another near- termATF concept we are investigating is the addition of high thermal conductivity additives to UO2 reactor fuel. UF is creating a design tool using mesoscale simulation and macroscale modeling that will determine the most efficient use of a given additive fraction to maximize the increase in thermal conductivity. On Chromia Doped fuel performance, MIT in collaboration with FRAMATOME and INL has benchmarked BISON performance against experimental data from Halden and FRAMATOME ramp tests. Detailed sensitivity study of doped fuel during power ramp and loss of coolant accident shows improved fission gas retention, softer pellet-to-clad interaction, delayed rod burst and smaller rod burst size. Figure 4. BISON prediction of fission gas release (FGR) for power ramps for conventional UO2 and chromia doped UO2 vs. experimental data.