2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 22 Figure 3. The new fuel fabrication line, located in the Experimental Fuels Facility at Idaho National Laboratory features an inert high-density fuels glovebox and a sintering furnace. Energy (NE) and private industry partners through INL’s cooperative research and development program. In order to fabricate the U3Si2 fuel pellets for the Westinghouse EnCore fuel pins, an entirely new fabrication line was built, tested, and commis- sioned at the EFF in 2018.This line consists of a large inert atmosphere glovebox, arc-melter, and sintering furnace (See Figure 1), as well as other powder processing support equipment.Aside from the Westing- house/Exelon project, the fabrication line will be used to support the development and fabrication of other high density fuel concepts for years to come.The arc-melter has already been used in theTerraPower project in preparation of some of its fast reactor metallic fuels for irradiation testing. With the goal of sustaining nuclear power as a clean energy source in the U.S. while enhancing safety for the public, the U.S. Congress has renewed funding for the development of new nuclear fuels with enhanced accident tolerance and increased performance. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and DOE are collaborating to enhance the safety of reactors world- wide via the AccidentTolerant Fuel (ATF) Program.