2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 122 Execution of FeCrAl QUENCH Test Principal Investigator: K.Robb Collaborators: K.Terrani, A. Nelson, Micro Große (KIT), Martin Steinbrueck (KIT) Response of accident tolerant fuel (ATF) cladding alloys to a loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) is a critical metric in their assessment. Cladding concepts are initially tested as coupons or small individual samples. If acceptable performance is observed, testing then extends to tube geometries to examine behaviors more relevant to reactor service (e.g., burst strength). However, the behavior of ATF cladding concepts must ultimately be tested using representative assembly geom- etries where broader system response under simulated LOCA conditions can be analyzed.A collaboration between Advanced Fuels Campaign (AFC) researchers and the Karlsruhe Institute ofTechnology (KIT) successfully used the unique capabilities of the QUENCH facility to subject a FeCrAl assembly to the time-temperature- pressure conditions anticipated of a LOCA and reflood to provide the first ever data on hydrogen generation and possible perturbations to core geom- etry (e.g. coolant channel blockage) for this ATF cladding material. Robb_1 Temperature, power, and hydrogen generation data collected during QUENCH-19 test of FeCrAl test bundle compared with data collected for ZIRLO during a previous test.