2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 118 Figure 3. Photographs taken during in-cell LOCA test showing (a) the temperature ramp and (b) immediately following water quench. Moving forward, in-cell fuel safety research will extend to post-LOCA mechanical testing and microstructural characterization. In parallel, testing of ATF concepts using SATS will require development of shipping pathways for ATF-1 rodlets from INL to ORNL, planning for shipping and post irradiation examination of Hatch-1 FeCrAl rodlets at ORNL, and exploration of alternate test geometries to accommodate shorter segments of High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) irradiated cladding geometries. The SATS LOCA test apparatus for this experiment (Figure 2) includes the North Anna segment inside of a quartz tube and a fully instrumented test train.The test train has the capability of measuring the temperature and pressure throughout the experiment.The test was conducted with two Type-S thermocouples strapped to the outer surface of the cladding approximately 2 inches above the sample centerline. One of these was used to control the furnace power to give a hold temperature of 1200ÂșC at that