2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 33 In June 2018, Framatome’s EATF rodlets were inserted into Idaho National Laboratory (INL’s) Advanced Test Reactor (ATR), representing a major milestone and the first opportunity to evaluate the combined performance of Cr-coated cladding with chromia-doped UO2 pellets.The rodlets for this test program were fabricated in Framatome’s Richland facility and are shown in Figure 3. Successful completion of this irradiation and testing program will demonstrate concept performance. Significant progress has also been made towards the development of a SiCf/SiCm cladding shown in Framatome’s approach is to maximize levels of safety by addressing both the fuel and the cladding together through multiple, synergistic technologies for near-term evolutionary and longer-term revolutionary solution. Figure 4.A suitable manufacturing process and fiber architecture has been identified and a mechanical tensile-test facility adapted to tubular silicon carbide composites has been developed. Preliminary mechanical properties are encouraging.A new recession-erosion test loop has been developed to test various solutions for mitigating SiC recession (corrosion) in representative LWR conditions. Tests are planned to address other key technical issues related to hermeticity, joining and manufacturing. Figure 4. Samples of SiCf/SiC composite tubes (filament winding) after external / internal smoothing (© CEA).