2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 84 FeCrAl ODS Alloy Development for Fission Platforms Principal Investigator: Sebastien Dryepondt Collaborators: Caleb P. Massey, Maxim N. Gussev, Philip Edmonson, Kory D. Linton and Kurt A.Terrani Nuclear-grade FeCrAl alloys are leading candidates for accident tolerant fuel cladding (ATF)and 200 feet of thin-walled seamless FeCrAlY tubes were sent to the Hatch nuclear power plant for in-service evaluation. The superior mechanical strength of oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) FeCrAl alloys would allow for the use of thinner cladding to limit the neutronic penalty related to Fe-based alloys, and the high density of 2-4nm (Y,Al,O)-rich precipitates provide sinks for irradiation-induced point defects.The ODS FeCrAl high strength and great irradiation resistance result, however, in limited alloy ductility making thin tube fabrication challenging. Project Description: The project goal is to develop and fabricate new low-Cr ODS FeCrAl thin tubes for accident tolerant clad- ding application.The tubes need to Figure1: a) CrAZY ODS FeCrAl tube, b) Cross-section of the tube, c) Wall thickness measurements showing the excellent dimension tolerance.