2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 120 location.The other thermocouple, located 180ºC from the control thermocouple, was used as a backup thermocouple to record temperature in the event that the control thermocouple failed. The experiment was conducted as a fully integral test, meaning multiple out-of-cell phenomena expected to occur during a LOCA were simulated. The full LOCA sequence included: • Heating in flowing steam to 300°C and pressurizing fuel segment to 1200 psi • Heating in flowing steam at 5ºC/s from 300ºC to 1200ºC • Holding in steam for 90s at 1200ºC • Cooling at 3ºC/s • Rapid cooling by water quench at 800ºC Table 1. Comparison of the ORNL NA#1 LOCA test and ANL Limerick test under the same temperature, pressure, and quench test conditions.