2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 30 ATF Industry Teams - Framatome Principal Investigator: Kiran Nimishakavi Figure 1. Photograph of cladding samples after 1100°C steam oxidation and quench: a) Cr-coated sample exposed for 18000s, b) uncoated sample exposed for 12000s. The FramatomeTeam is investing significant research and devel- opment efforts to develop technologies which increase nuclear safety by improving fuel and contain- ment integrity during design basis or beyond design basis events.As part of this effect, Framatome is developing near-term solutions that strengthen Framatome’s existing product port- folio and a long-term, revolutionary new product which has the potential to support significant gains in safety and operating margins. Project Description: The ultimate goal of Department of Energy (DOE’s) Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel (EATF) program is to develop an improved and more robust nuclear fuel design that will reduce or mitigate the consequences of reactor accidents and improve the economics of the reactors thermal output and reliability.After extensive testing, evaluation and downselection during the program’s first phase, Framatome’s Phase II technical approach addresses three focus areas: (i) Chromium (Cr)- coated cladding, (ii) Chromia-doped UO2 fuel pellets, and (iii) silicon carbide (SiC) composite cladding. A dense Cr-coating on a zirconium- based cladding substrate has the potential for improved high tempera- ture steam oxidation resistance (see Figure 1) and high temperature creep performance, as well as improved wear properties. Over the course of the EATF program, extensive processing and testing activities are being carried out with the objective of fulfilling LeadTest Assemblies (LTAs) by 2019 and batch implementation by the mid-2020s.