2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 115 Accomplishments: CompletedATF 3-1Transient Prescriptions per Data Package DP-125 The purpose of theATF-3-1 transient prescription tests were to obtain the necessary information to properly prescribe the transients required to conduct theATF-3-1 series of tests.Additional outcomes include establishing a basis for the range of repeatability of core energy release based on uncertainty of reactivity insertions, particularly during clipped transients, developingTREAT operational knowledge, and gathering crucial data for nuclear/kinetic model comparisons forATF-3-1 transients.This was completed by NicolasWoolstenhulme, David Kamerman, DanWachs and the TREAT Operations team. Completed Narrow Pulse Width Transients per Data Package DP-126 The purpose of the narrow pulse width transients is to exhibit the ability of the TREAT facility to perform large reactivity insertions with repeatable timing of clipping to shorten the pulse width as compared to a temperature limited transient (TLT).As part of theAccident Tolerant Fuel (ATF) program and TREAT’s ability to support LightWater Reactor (LWR) testing in general, it is desired for the pulse width to be made shorter than 100 milliseconds (ms), as defined by the Full-Width Half- Maximum (FWHM), a typical metric for measuring length of a pulse.This was completed by NicolasWoolstenhulme, David Kamerman, DanWachs and the TREAT Operations team. Completed the LOCA Transient Prescription Study per Data Package DP-128 The purpose of the present data package is to describe shaped transients with relevance to Loss of CoolantAccident (LOCA) simulation capabilities in the Transient ReactorTest facility (TREAT). The objective of these transients is to demonstrate thatTREAT can perform long-duration shaped transients for input to concurrent experiment designs including capsules and loops with the ability to create LOCA-like thermal hydraulic boundary conditions for fuel specimens.This was completed by NicolasWoolstenhulme, David Kamerman, DanWachs and theTREAT Operations team. Completed a critical milestone, completed the first two fueled experiment atTREAT since it was restarted.The test was completed on fresh fuel in a SETH container.This was completed by NicolasWoolstenhulme, Clint Baker, Benjamin Baker, Devin Imholte, Colby Jensen, DanWachs and theTREAT Operations team. Commenced conceptual design of MARCH-SERTTA and Super-SERTTA capsules for future testing.This is being worked by NicolasWoolstenhulme, Clint Baker, Nate Oldham, Colby Jensen, and DanWachs.