2018 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 132 The Integrated Recycling Test (IRT) was a collaborative test with domestic and international partners which leveraged the Advanced Fuels Campaign Outboard A (AFC-OA) drop in test design, as well as experiment assembly equipment. The test was designed to include fuel samples produced from U-TRU feedstock which had been recovered from spent fuel recycling.The test was fabricated, assembled and inserted into the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR). Project Description: The disposition of used nuclear fuel has been an issue for many years for the nuclear industry. Several countries have proposed the concept of a closed fuel cycle in which Light Water Reactor (LWR) fuel is recycled and re-used in a fast reactor in order to fission or transmute actinide materials, which reduced the burden on a geologic repository.Although this concept has been put forward, the feasibility has not been experimentally tested.The IRT is an initial step towards confirming the behavior of recycled fuel. Fabrication of Rodlets for the Integrated Recycling Test Principal Investigator: Randall Fielding Collaborators: Blair Grover The Advanced Fuel Campaign with its partner programs have fabricated and are currently irradiation testing metallic fuel produced through recycling of used oxide fuel. Used mix-oxide (MOX) fuel was recycled to produce a metallic uranium-transuranic feedstock.This feedstock was used to produce 2 fuel compositions, which included two separate levels of simulated fission products.The fuel samples were encapsulated into the standard AFC-OA drop in tests and inserted into the AdvancedTest Reactor.This tests marks the first time as oxide fuel was recycled into a metallic feedstock used to produce a fast reactor type fuel.The success of this test will show the feasibility of a closed fuel cycle as a method of reducing the volumetric and time burden a geologic reposi- tory would face. Accomplishments: The goal of the IRT test was to produce an irradiation test using feedstock recovered from recycled used oxide fuel. MOX fuel was recycled to produce a metallic U-TRU feedstock button.This button was used to produce two fuel composi- tions in which the level of simulated fission products was varied. A master alloy of high enriched uranium,