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Advanced Fuels Program


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The mission of the Advanced Fuels Campaign (AFC) is to perform Research, Development, and Demonstration (RD&D) activities for advanced fuel forms (including cladding) to:

Enhance the performance and safety of the nation’s current and future reactors
Enhance proliferation resistance of nuclear fuel
Effectively utilize nuclear energy resources
Address the longer-term waste management challenges. 


This includes development of state-of-the art Research and Development (R&D) infrastructure to support the use of a “goal-oriented science-based approach.” This approach is aimed at a fundamental understanding of fuel and cladding fabrication methods and performance under irradiation, enabling the pursuit of multiple fuel forms for future fuel cycle options. Work includes fundamental experiments, theory, and advanced modeling and simulation. The modeling and simulation activities for fuel performance are carried out under the Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS) program, which is closely coordinated with AFC.  The term “fuel” includes fuels, targets, and their associated cladding materials.


AFC is organized into three technical areas and is integrated with NEAMS for fuels modeling and simulation. The technical areas are 1) Advanced LWR Fuels, 2) Transmutation Fuels, and 3) Capability Development.  ​

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